Christmas and Spring Break Camps

Full Day Holiday Camps

Our Kids Klub Camps offer a wide range of fun activities for your youngsters that will keep them engaged and active all day long. Activities are geared toward the interests and ages of the children at each specific site, including skating, out-trips to parks, museums and beaches, as well as a variety of crafts, sports and on-site activities.

Kids Klub’s Out-of School Care programs are licensed by the Vancouver Island Health Authority and are able to care for children 5 to 12 years old. We also provide full-day care for school breaks, pro-d day’s and early dismissal days. Kids Klub provides a fun and active program, run by professional, qualified and caring staff.

Typical Activities

Children enrolled in Kids Klub School Break Camps enjoy a wide variety of activities that make their time away from school as pleasurable and diverse as possible. These include on-site activities like sports and crafts, as well as out-trips to parks and beaches, swimming, skating, bowling, going to the movies, and exploring tourist attractions like The Butterfly Gardens, Butchart Gardens, Royal BC Museum, and Fort Rod Hill.

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Kids Klub offers Weekly Camps


Week 1:  December 19th – 23rd

Week 2:  December 28th – 30th


Hours of care:  7am – 5:30pm 


October 11th:  Families not currently registered who are looking for Christmas camp care can be added to our waitlist. 

Please call the head office at 250-881-1223 or emailregistration@kidsklub.ca to be placed on the waitlist.  


As of October 24th, families on this waitlist will be contacted and offered space as it’s available.  


October 17th – 21st :  Registration for families currently registered in our out of school care program can start signing up.  Application is available via your Sandbox Parent Portal Newsfeed!

Rates & Times

Here is a quick break down of the rates for our Christmas & Spring Break Camps. These prices reflect the daily rate for families already enrolled in Our of School Care. For children not already enrolled, the drop-in rate for full day care is $45. To see the complete list of rates please have a look at our rates page right here.


$40 /child

Full Day Care
For Children Already Enrolled in
Morning Care


$32 /child

Full Day Care
For Children Already Enrolled in Afternoon Care

$25 /child

Full Day Care
For Children Already Enrolled in Morning/Afternoon Care